US Senator Patty Murray discusses education with JD Rossetti

US Senator

US Senator Patty Murray met with JD Rossetti and other local residents to discuss issues affecting Cowlitz County including transportation, access to health care, housing, veteran services and education. JD Rossetti spoke about education policy and the successful turnaround seen at Monticello Middle School credited to a 1.45 million federal School Improvement Grant. JD Rossetti highlighted the improvements in Monticello Middle School with US Senator Patty Murray sharing that Monticello has seen a 70 percent reduction in referrals to the office in 2010-11, and Monticello students have improved in math and reading scores since fall 2012 by 60 percent. JD thanked US Senator Patty Murray for her assistance in education funding on a federal level and advocated for her to continue working to fully funding basic education.


According to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the purpose of the federal School Improvement Grant is to turn around the bottom 5% of persistently low-achieving Title I schools and Title I-eligible secondary schools, so that these schools make Adequate Yearly Progress and exit improvement status.


Invested, informed and dedicated to a positive, healthy, and safe learning environment for our children, JD Rossetti is an advocate for Longview public schools and our community. With an emphasis on improvement and overall success, JD believes the Longview Public School District should focus on student achievement and academic success through innovative technology and creative learning.