JD Rossetti Answers League of Women Voters

How has your background prepared you for this position?

For over a decade I have had the opportunity to build strong relationships with our community leaders, organizations, neighbors, and friends. As a parent, I am invested in the ongoing improvement and success of Longview Public Schools. I am dedicated to creating positive educational opportunities where all students are challenged and given the support they need to achieve high academic goals. I will continue to be informed on the issues facing the Longview School District.

How will you interact with the other council members to achieve your goals?
I will work together in collaboration and integrity with other School Board members to achieve my goals. I will work to facilitate an open discussion on subjects that concern teachers, parents, and community members. I will also seek to understand and support the goals of other School Board members.

What is your view concerning the concept of charter schools?

I believe some applied concepts of charter schools may facilitate lively and robust learning experience. I value input from our parents, teachers, and neighbors and I appreciate the opinions of our community. I believe we must work together to create positive educational opportunities where all students are challenged and given the support they need to achieve high academic goals. Now more than ever, we must continue in our pursuit of innovative technology and creative learning environments.

What would you recommend, given the District’s ranking on the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction’s 2011-2012 report card?

A few years ago Monticello Middle School was a failing school. The administration and staff have done a fabulous job at turning the school around. I recommend the same methods used at Monticello be applied to Cascade and Mount Solo middle schools to start.

At this time, what are your thoughts on the proposed recommendation from the facilities’ committee? Why do you support or oppose it?

I am against the current proposal to merge Longview Schools. I do not believe that the current problem of declining enrollment in our district is causing critical damage to the success of our children. I also do not believe the current merger alternative is the best option for the school district and our community. In my opinion, the Longview School District should slow down, explore additional options, allow community input, identify consequences, and move forward with broad community support.

How do you envision going forward with this process?

I believe the Longview School District should look for cost savings in efficiencies to include technology upgrades and ensuring that our facilities are under warranty. Next, Longview Public Schools should asses the condition and capacity of portable temporary structures and have a plan that identifies the conditions and estimated costs for removing these structures. After evaluating efficiencies and portables, the Longview School District may need to consider leasing or selling Broadway Elementary.

Aside from the issue of the merger, what are the issues of concern for you?

Aside from the issue of the merger, I have three issues of concern which are as follows: Goal 1: Make a top priority that all children are reading fluently by third grade. Goal 2: Emphasizing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and elective classes in Middle School. Goal 3: Increase vocational 2 year certification offerings in high school.