JD Rossetti’s position on Longview School Consolidation

Dear Community Member,

No matter what outcomes, decisions or conclusions the school board arrives at in the next 9 months, I am dedicated to actively participate in the future direction of the school district. I plan to take a pragmatic approach to solving our complex challenges and increasing academic success in the Longview School District.

At this time, I do not believe that the current problem of declining enrollment in our district is causing critical damage to the success of our children. I also do not believe the current merger alternative is the best option for the school district and our community.

In my opinion, the best option for the Longview Public School District is to slow down, explore more than one option, allow community input, identify consequences and unintended consequences, and move forward with broad community support.

I am committed to the overall success of the school district and recommend small incremental steps at this time.  I suggest that we continue lively and robust discussion about consolidation, identify consequences of all likely scenarios, and problem solve as a community.  The district should monitor enrollment, evaluate capacity, and assess our local economic vitality on a continuous basis before making any major decisions about consolidation.

JD Rossetti is against the current proposal to merge Longview Schools.  

I believe the Longview School District should consider the following policy proposal alternative:

  1. Longview Public Schools should look for cost savings in efficiencies to include technology upgrades and ensuring that our facilities are under warranty.
  2. Longview Public Schools should asses the condition and capacity of portable temporary structures. There are currently portables scattered throughout the Longview School District.  There should be a plan that identifies the conditions and estimated costs for removing these structures.
  3. After evaluating efficiencies and portables, the Longview School District may need to consider selling Broadway Elementary.  Broadway in desperate need of repair and expensive to operate and maintain.  Broadway houses two programs: an ADA program (also known as the Special Education program) and Head Start which is a program contracted with Lower Columbia College.  The Longview School District has identified that these two programs can be accommodated at North Lake Elementary and Mint Valley Elementary.

3b. If the sale of Broadway Elementary occurs, then the Longview School District should be a good steward of the final sale revenue by investing in facility renovations at Olympic Elementary or Northlake Elementary. Investing the sale revenue would also alleviate the burden to tax payers by reducing the bond amount necessary for the maintenance of facilities.

4. Longview Public Schools should review the school district boundaries to ensure social economic equality for our community

5. If necessary, Longview Public Schools should re-evaluate the option and cost of consolidation in three to four years with public input and a thorough evaluation of the fiscal environment.


Thank you,


JD Rossetti

Candidate for the Longview School Board

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